Gudbrandsdal Sportsskyttere
Lågenvegen 18
2635, Tretten, Norway
Phone: 004790617053
It's nice that we gather like this across national borders! We spend a lot of time and energy developing and implementing it so that everyone can benefit from it, for example sending their own shooting live is challenging for concentration. By the way, we hope that most people who have shooting as a hobby train at least once a week, that one would then be able to match up with friends in the near and far, makes it more fun. Now that more people are without access to the club's courses, we are helped by technology and allow ourselves to be challenged at home. We hope more will come along the way, feel free to share with other shooters that we have this competition running every week ‪until Thursday‬. An extra thank you to everyone from 14 nations who participates in making it meaningful for our club to host the Home Range Open!
Invitation [EN]
Hope you and your family are healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such a complicated situation we are going through this year, gave us idea to organize the first online shooting competition, named Home Range Open. We have 20 rounds, in this closed COVID-19 period, which...
Invitation [NO]
Kjære Skyteledere og skytevenner, Vi håper du og din familie er sunne og trygge i disse usikre og spesielle tider på grunn av COVID-19-pandemien. En så komplisert situasjon vi går gjennom i år, ga oss en ide om å arrangere den første online skytekonkurransen, kalt Home Range Open. Vi har...
Invitation [FR]
Chers présidents, Chers amis tireur, J'espère que vous et votre famille êtes en bonne santé et en sécurité pendant ses incertitudes et temps sans précédent en raison de la pandémie du COVID-19. Cette situation si compliquée que nous traversons cette année, nous a donné l'idée d’organiser la première compétition de tir en ligne...
Invitation [ES]
A TODAS LAS FEDERACIONES MIEMBROS DE LA ISSF, ESC Y CLUBES DE TIRO Estimados presidentes, Estimados amigos de tiro, Espero que ustedes y sus familias se encuentren bien de salud, durante estos momentos inciertos y tiempos sin precedentes debido a la pandemia de COVID-19. Una situación tan complicada que...
Invitation [RU]
Надеюсь, вы и ваша семья будете здоровы и в безопасности в эти нестабильные и беспрецедентные времена из-за пандемии COVID-19. Такая непростая ситуация, которую мы переживаем в этом году, натолкнула нас на идею организовать первое онлайн-соревнование...
Invitation [DE]
DE Invitation:
Liebe Präsidenten, liebe Schießfreunde, Ich hoffe, Sie und Ihre Familie sind während ihrer Unsicherheiten und beispiellosen Zeiten aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie gesund und sicher. Diese komplizierte Situation, die wir in diesem Jahr durchmachen, brachte...
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