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Gudbrandsdal Sportsskyttere
Lågenvegen 18
2635, Tretten, Norway
Phone: 004790617053
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We hereby invite you to a new round on the 50m programs 60 prone and 1/2-1/1 Match. We do as HRO on air rifles to embrace all distances and target types and systems. But it's the program 60 shots prone and match. If you participate in both prone and match, you submit this form twice.
The shooting is organized by the shooter himself or the shooter clubs themselves, there will be a complete result list for everyone's classes asap. Furthermore, the match is shot. As one also continuously registers, We use HRO's Facebook page 
so everyone can send live, post photos, etc. there during the entire competition these days.  We have a good experience and fun with many rounds with air rifles and pistols.
Send us the registration formula to enter the competition. .We open the competition Mondays to Saturday each week and you shoot up to 3 times and your best results will be registered, its 5 € pr start in prone and the same for a match, so if you deliver more than on results you have to pay 10 or 15€ in each match type.  
Registration for each round stops on Saturdays at

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