Home Range Open 50m  

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Home Range Open 50 m 

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It's nice that we gather like this across national borders! We spend a lot of time and energy developing and implementing it so that everyone can benefit from it, for example sending their own shooting life is challenging for concentration. By the way, we hope that most people who have shooting as a hobby train at least once a week, that one would then be able to match up with friends in the near and far, makes it more fun. Now that more people are without access to the club's courses, we are helped by technology and allow ourselves to be challenged at home. We hope more will come along the way, feel free to share with other shooters that we have this competition running every week ‪until Saturday‬. An extra thank you to everyone from 14 nations who participates in making it meaningful for our club to host the Home Range Open!

Home Range Open



Then we want to thank ELEY.UK who wants to support HRO 50m! We will therefore now invite you to new rounds in the future as long as there are enough shooters who want the competition offer.

Therefore, every round from next Saturday we will draw two prizes with ammunition, this among those who participate with Cal 22 and shoot at 15/50 meters, have a valid weapon license, and that the ammunition remains in Norway. This with a view to export rules.

The following will apply. The 500 Eley team will be drawn to one of the top 5 for each round and the 500 Club will be drawn to one among the others on the overall list.

Whether we will save the draw for the last round, we have not clarified yet. But then there will be a bit to fight for each round. We wish everyone good luck with another round, the deadline is Saturday at 18 to register the result.

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Home Range Open.

We open the borders!

Welcome to our competitions.

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